Rarely does one artist inhabit a multitude of thematic worlds with such ease and versatility.

Creative talent Nicholas Biscardi began his career in NYC as a designer for Fashion and Home after acquiring his BA in Fine Arts.  He spent the next decade designing in Milan and Lake Como, Italy followed by several years on Florida’s Gulf coast where he sought inspiration from nature’s light, water and flora.  Since his return to New York he has focused on tabletop design, expanding his art library and developing photo-art for licensing.

Biscardi’s global experience and creative perspective have catapulted him to the forefront of licensed artists to whom manufacturers have turned when interested in developing distinctive style and trend right motifs for their product lines.  His talent is rooted in his inventive textural vocabulary and innate color sense. He takes commanding control of the canvas, linen, or digital media--working prolifically to design for Textiles, Home Décor, Tabletop and Paper.

Incredible versatility and lightning speed appeals to his established licensees and astound his newest clients.  Ideas materialize in minutes, and revisions and modifications frequently appear in a few short hours.

With the constant search for an art resource tuned into the manufacturer’s frequency to provide customers with constant freshness and selective exclusivity, Nick Biscardi has become one of the most sought after licensed designers today.